Dmochowski Group


Research in the Dmochowski lab encompasses many areas of Bioinorganic, Bioorganic, and Biophysical Chemistry, as well as Chemical Biology. Our lab is comprised of people with backgrounds spanning these disciplines. We are developing small molecules, proteins, and spectroscopic techniques for studying complex biomolecular systems. Our approach involves cycles of molecular design, synthesis, and measurement.


Recent Publications

Rapp, T. L.; Phillips, S. R.; Dmochowski, I. J. J. Chem. Educ. 2016, 93 (12), 21012105.

Wang, Y.; Roose, B. W.; Palovcak, E. J.; Carnevale, V.; Dmochowski, I. J. A Genetically Encoded β-Lactamase Reporter for Ultrasensitive 129 Xe NMR in Mammalian Cells. Angew. Chemie Int. Ed. 2016, 55 (31), 89848987.

Pulsipher, K. W.; Dmochowski, I. J. Ferritin: Versatile Host, Nanoreactor, and Delivery Agent. Isr. J. Chem. 2016, 56 (910), 660670.

Group News

  • Congratulations to Dr. Katie Pulsipher for successfully defending her dissertation, titled Thermophilic Ferritin: Versatile Nanohost.


  • Senior undergraduate Jordan Doman receives a Hertz fellowship and NSF fellowship for graduate school. More information about the Hertz fellowship can be found at
  • Group alum Dr. Yanfei Wang receives an "Outstanding Students Abroad" award from the Chinese Government. More information can be found at


  • Sean wins the annual Pop Talks competition for his excellent presentation of his light-activated oligonucleotide work!
  • Teresa's paper "Kinetics and Photochemistry of Ruthenium Bisbipyridine Diacetonitrile Complexes: An Interdisciplinary Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Laboratory Exercise" is published in J. Chem Educ.